Strictly Sexual
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Strictly Sexual (2008)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "A Love Story"
    "Strictly Sexual" (2008) is an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Joel Viertel. The film follows the intertwining lives of two roommates, Donna (played by Kristen Kerr) and Christi Ann (played by Stevie Long), who devise a unique arrangement to satisfy their sexual desires without emotional attachment. However, as they embark on this unconventional journey, they discover that their feelings and expectations may not be as strictly sexual as they initially thought. In "Strictly Sexual," the characters navigate the complexities of modern relationships, exploring themes of love, intimacy, and emotional vulnerability. The film delves into the ups and downs of their arrangement, as well as the personal growth and self-discovery that come with confronting their own desires and fears. The film combines elements of comedy and drama, offering humorous and poignant moments throughout. It challenges societal norms and stereotypes surrounding sex and relationships, questioning the traditional notions of love and monogamy. Visually, "Strictly Sexual" presents a contemporary setting and showcases the characters' personal and professional lives. The cinematography captures the emotions and dynamics of the relationships, highlighting the humor, passion, and vulnerabilities that arise along the way. The performances in the film, particularly by Kristen Kerr and Stevie Long, contribute to the chemistry and believability of their characters' evolving sex relationship. They bring depth and authenticity to their portrayals, capturing the range of emotions and conflicts that arise as their connection goes beyond the strictly sexual. "Strictly Sexual" is a film that explores the complexities of human connection, sexuality, and the pursuit of emotional fulfillment. It offers a lighthearted and thought-provoking exploration of love, desire, and the blurred lines between physical attraction and emotional intimacy.
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Strictly Sexual

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Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

IMDB Rating : 6,259/10 | Votes : 58

Other alternative titles: Strictly Sexual: A Love Story, Только секс, Apenas Sexo, 섹슈얼 프렌즈

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