Animal Lust
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Animal Lust (2011)

    Prepare to be immersed in a world where desire knows no bounds and the animalistic urges within us reign supreme in the mesmerizing film "Animal Lust," released in 2011. Directed by Amanda Sullivan, this daring and seductive exploration of human sexuality and instinct takes viewers on a wild journey of passion, temptation, and untamed desires. Set against the backdrop of a sprawling wilderness, "Animal Lust" transports us into a realm where the boundaries of civilization fade away, leaving behind only raw, unbridled passion. As a group of individuals ventures deep into the untamed wilderness, they are confronted with the untapped depths of their own desires and the powerful allure of the natural world. With its breathtaking cinematography that captures the primal beauty of nature, the film seamlessly weaves together interconnected stories that delve into the depths of human nature and the overwhelming force of animalistic attraction. From forbidden encounters that challenge societal norms to transformative experiences that awaken dormant desires, "Animal Lust" explores the inherent duality of our existence and the eternal struggle between instinct and restraint. As the characters navigate a world unshackled by societal expectations, they are confronted with the consequences of indulging their deepest and darkest desires. The film delves into the complexities of human relationships, exploring themes of power dynamics, submission, dominance, and the blurred lines between pleasure and pain. Through its richly developed characters and emotionally charged performances, "Animal Lust" invites viewers to examine their own relationships with desire and the primal forces that drive us. It challenges conventional notions of sexuality and pushes boundaries, inviting contemplation on the wild and untamed aspects of our own natures.
  • Tags: courage, desires, passion, temptation, untamed, instincts, primal, raw plot, wilderness, powerful, carnal pleasure, pain, sexual, exploration
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Animal Lust

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Venture into a world where primal instincts reign supreme and desire knows no boundaries. In a mesmerizing exploration of human sexuality and instinct, this film takes viewers on a wild journey of passion and temptation. Set against the backdrop of a sprawling wilderness, the characters find themselves confronting their deepest desires and the powerful allure of the natural world.

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Production: Mainline Releasing, MRG Entertainment

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