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-How i can watch online or download ?

You can download the movie at slow speed for free, but you need a premium account to watch it online. You can also download movies at maximum speed with a premium account, as well as many other features.

1. Select the online viewing tab (usually it is already selected).

2. Turn on the player by pressing the play button.

1-2 Steps

3. If you are a premium user, enter your login and password from Hotlink.cc 

4. If you are a free user, you can watch the trailer.

3-4 Steps

5. After logging in, turn on the video. You can also customize your viewing.

6. Experience by selecting the video quality, including subtitles, etc.

5-6 steps


7. Go to the movie download tab.

8. Click the download link.

7-8 steps

9. On the file page, select the desired video quality.

10. Click on the blue "Download file" button. After you click the button, a download link will be generated for you. 

9-10 steps

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