Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey.
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Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. (2014)

    "Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey." is a psychological thriller released in 2014, directed by Ate de Jong. The film explores the dark underbelly of human relationships when a seemingly ordinary suburban couple, Tom (played by Edward Akrout) and Alison (played by Megan Maczko), become entangled in a dangerous and twisted game of power dynamics within their own home. One fateful evening, a masked intruder named Aaron (played by Matt Barber) breaks into their house and holds Alison hostage. What follows is a chilling exploration of love, lust, betrayal, and the hidden depths of human nature. As the power dynamics shift and secrets are unveiled, the boundaries between victim and perpetrator blur, leaving the characters and the audience questioning their own notions of love, honor, and obedience. With its intense performances, psychological tension, and unexpected twists, "Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey." takes viewers on a harrowing journey into the darker aspects of human relationships.
  • Tags: powerful, suburban, love, betrayal, unexpected, harrowing, darkness, psychological
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Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey.

About movie :

Gripping psychological thriller that delves into the twisted power dynamics between a suburban couple and an intruder, challenging notions of love, honor, and obedience.

IMDB Rating : 4,8/10 | Votes : 34

Other alternative titles: Gefesselt - Liebe. Ehre. Gehorsam.

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