Le diable rose
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Historical Comedy movie with Fetish (BDSM) sex scenes | SD

Le diable rose (1987)

    Playful and provocative film that explores the world of burlesque and the art of seduction. Set in the vibrant and glamorous atmosphere of a Parisian cabaret, the movie takes viewers on a tantalizing journey through the lives of the performers and the secrets that lie behind the glittering facade. Directed with flair and a celebration of sensuality, the film captures the allure and charm of the burlesque scene. It showcases captivating dance routines, extravagant costumes, and mesmerizing performances that push the boundaries of desire and fantasy. The cinematography immerses viewers in the atmospheric world of the cabaret, with vibrant colors, seductive lighting, and tantalizing close-ups. The visuals enhance the sensual nature of the performances and create a visually captivating experience. The screenplay, written with a mix of humor and intrigue, delves into the personal stories of the characters, revealing their desires, dreams, and struggles. It explores the power dynamics, the relationships behind the scenes, and the sacrifices that come with the pursuit of their art. With a lively and seductive soundtrack, the film further enhances its vibrant and provocative atmosphere. The music sets the rhythm for the performances and adds an extra layer of energy and allure to the scenes. "Le Diable Rose" is a playful and provocative film that celebrates the art of burlesque and the exploration of desire. It invites viewers to indulge in the seductive world of the cabaret, with its captivating performances, intriguing characters, and the secrets that unfold behind the curtains. Prepare to be enchanted by its playful sensuality and the captivating allure of "Le Diable Rose."
  • Tags: spy, brothel, resistance, playful, provocative, extravagant, secrets, desires, dreams, sacrifice, celebration, sensual, performances, alluring
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Le diable rose

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Playful and seductive film set in a Parisian cabaret. It takes viewers on a tantalizing journey into the world of burlesque, showcasing captivating performances, extravagant costumes, and the secrets that lie behind the scenes. Directed with flair and celebration of sensuality, this film is a visual feast that explores desire, dreams, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of art. Prepare to be enchanted by the playful and seductive allure of "Le Diable Rose."

IMDB Rating : 3,8/10 | Votes : 2

Other alternative titles: Il diavolo rosa, Pod rózowym diablem

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