Schoolgirl Hitchhikers
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Comedy movie with School sex scenes | SD

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973)

"Sex Kittens who stop at nothing"
    "Schoolgirl Hitchhikers" (1973) is an intriguing and provocative drama that explores the thrilling and dangerous world of hitchhiking through the eyes of two young schoolgirls. Directed by a bold and innovative filmmaker, this film follows the unexpected journey of two friends who embark on a hitchhiking adventure, seeking excitement and adventure outside the confines of their everyday lives. As they encounter a series of eccentric and enigmatic characters along the way, their innocence is tested, and they find themselves caught in a web of desire, temptation, and unforeseen consequences. With its alluring blend of suspense, sensuality, and mystery, "Schoolgirl Hitchhikers" delves into themes of youth, rebellion, and the exploration of one's own desires. It challenges societal norms and explores the boundaries of sexuality and freedom. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing performances, evocative cinematography, and thought-provoking storytelling that unfolds as these young schoolgirls navigate through a world filled with both danger and awakening. Brace yourself for a cinematic experience that pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Tags: village, hostage, seduction, campers, gang, kidnapping, torture, fight
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Schoolgirl Hitchhikers

About movie :

Two female hitchhikers get mixed up with a gang of thieves and their stolen jewelery.

IMDB Rating : 2,9/10 | Votes : 15

Other alternative titles: School Girl Hitchhikers, High School Hitch Hikers

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