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Baberellas (2003)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "They'll do anything to save the Earth. Anything."
    In a futuristic world, the stunning and fearless supermodel Angelique (played by Shauna O'Brien) finds herself unwittingly caught up in a thrilling mission to save the universe. Equipped with her irresistible charm and clever wit, she becomes Baberella, an interstellar secret agent tasked with stopping the evil Dr. Scum (played by Julie K. Smith) from obtaining the ultimate weapon of destruction. "Baberellas" embraces its campy nature and delivers a unique blend of sci-fi spectacle and adult-oriented comedy. The film revels in its over-the-top scenarios, featuring flashy space costumes, outrageous characters, and amusingly suggestive situations. It doesn't take itself too seriously, providing a lighthearted and entertaining experience for viewers. With its playful and flirtatious tone, "Baberellas" offers a refreshing twist on the traditional space adventure genre. It combines elements of action, comedy, and sensual allure, creating a delightfully unconventional and amusing cinematic experience. Prepare for an intergalactic romp filled with humor, adventure, and a healthy dose of sauciness. "Baberellas" invites you to embark on a journey through space with a sassy and alluring secret agent who defies expectations and saves the day in her own seductive way.
  • Tags: sci-fi, adventure, traveling, campiness, galactic, adult humor, lingerie, futuristic
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An alien who plans on taking over the Earth, starts by wiping out people's libidos. The only ones who can stop this, is a scantily clad, female rock group.

IMDB Rating : 1,8/10 | Votes : 5

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