Homo Erectus
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Comedy Fantasy movie with Outdoor sex scenes | SD

Homo Erectus (2007)

"Unleash your primal side."
    In the prehistoric era, where primitive societies ruled the land, "Homo Erectus" takes us on a wild and comedic adventure. Our protagonist, Ishbo, portrayed by a talented ensemble cast, is a quirky and unconventional caveman with dreams and ambitions beyond his time. Faced with the challenges of survival, he sets out on a quest to change the world, defying societal norms and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human. Through clever writing and a dash of absurdity, "Homo Erectus" intertwines the essence of the human experience with uproarious comedic moments. As Ishbo navigates a world filled with rival tribes, dangerous creatures, and unlikely allies, he discovers love, friendship, and the true meaning of self-discovery. The film's stunning visuals transport us back to a time when humans were still evolving, capturing the breathtaking landscapes and the sheer marvel of prehistoric existence. With its blend of witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and heartfelt moments, "Homo Erectus" invites audiences to join Ishbo on an unforgettable journey that challenges stereotypes and reminds us that even in the most primitive of times, the human spirit prevails.
  • Tags: adventure, survival, unconventional, love, friendship, self-discovery, creatures, joyful, spirituality, destiny, absurd
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Homo Erectus

About movie :

Step into a time before time, where laughter knows no boundaries. This captivating comedy takes us back to a prehistoric world, where one unconventional caveman sets out on a quest to change his destiny. Faced with rival tribes, perilous creatures, and unexpected allies, he discovers the power of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Through a tapestry of witty dialogue and uproarious moments, this film transports us to a forgotten era, where the human spirit triumphs against all odds. Embark on an adventure that defies the norms of society and reminds us that even in the most primitive of times, laughter reigns supreme.

IMDB Rating : 4/10 | Votes : 30

Other alternative titles: Japanese: ホモ・エレクタス Korean: 호모 에렉투스 Chinese: 直立人 Thai: โฮโม อีเรคตัส Hindi: होमो एरेक्टस German: Homo Erectus Swedish: Homo Erectus Norwegian: Homo Erectus Finnish: Homo Erectus Dutch: Homo Erectus Polish: Homo Erectus Czech: Homo Erectus Hungarian: Homo Erectus Italian: Homo Erectus Spanish: Homo Erectus Portuguese: Homo Erectus French: Homo Erectus Greek: Ομο Ερεκτους Arabic: هومو إركتوس Romanian: Homo Erectus Turkish: Homo Erectus
Production: Burnt Orange Productions

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