Concealed Weapon
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Concealed Weapon (1994)

"In Hollywood's deadly game, fame is the prize."
    In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where dreams are made and broken, a dark secret lurks among the elite power players. Meet Oliver Wright, a struggling actor desperate to catch his big break. Fate smiles upon him when he lands the lead role in a highly anticipated movie produced by the renowned Hollywood magnate. As Oliver delves into his character, he unwittingly becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy, ambition, and betrayal. Little does he know that the role he cherishes as the opportunity of a lifetime is coveted by others who would stop at nothing to seize it from him. Behind the scenes, a sinister game unfolds, with hidden agendas and concealed motives. The lines between fiction and reality blur as Oliver finds himself navigating a treacherous path where trust is scarce and danger lurks in every corner. With the stakes escalating, Oliver must unmask the concealed weapon in this cutthroat world before it's too late.
  • Tags: ambitions, betrayal, glamorous, danger, powerful, obsession, struggles, action
Concealed Weapon

About movie :

In the glamorous realm of Hollywood, Oliver Wright, a struggling actor, unexpectedly lands the lead role in a highly anticipated movie produced by a renowned mogul. Unbeknownst to him, the part he's been given becomes a dangerous obsession for others within the industry. As Oliver is unwittingly drawn into a treacherous game of ambition and deceit, the line between fiction and reality blurs. In a world where trust is scarce, he must uncover the concealed weapon that threatens his newfound fame and fortune.

IMDB Rating : 3,7/10 | Votes : 181

Other alternative titles: Japanese: 隠された武器 Korean: 숨겨진 무기 German: Verborgene Waffe Italian: Arma Nascosta Spanish: Arma Oculta French: Arme Dissimulée Greek: Κρυφό Όπλο
Production: Concorde-New Horizons, New Horizons Home Video

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