Cover Me
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Cover Me (1995)

"In a city of desire, danger wears many faces."
    Amidst the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, a sinister presence casts a shadow over the city. A serial killer, ruthlessly butchering nude models, sends shockwaves through the police force as they struggle to apprehend the elusive murderer. Faced with the limitations of their investigation, the desperate authorities turn to an unconventional solution. Enter Holly Jacobsen, a stunning ex-policewoman with a past shrouded in mystery. The police devise a daring plan, enlisting her as an undercover operative to infiltrate the dangerous world the killer lurks within. At first, her devoted boyfriend and fellow cop, Bobby Colter, supports the mission, hoping to put an end to the heinous crimes. However, the lines between reality and deception blur as Holly immerses herself in a seductive and perilous underworld. From nude modeling to topless dancing and peep-show shower performances, she navigates a treacherous path where danger and desire intertwine. As the investigation progresses, the killer's sinister obsession with Holly intensifies. Unveiling a shocking twist, the murderer is revealed to be a transvestite, captivated by Holly's allure and consumed by a deadly infatuation. A thrilling game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to a deadly confrontation that puts both Holly and Bobby's lives at stake. Directed by Michael Schroeder and brought to life by the creative genius of writer Steve Johnson, "COVER ME" is a pulse-pounding thriller that delves into the depths of lust, obsession, and the human psyche. With secrets lurking around every corner and passions running high, the stakes have never been higher for the characters caught in a dangerous web of intrigue. In a race against time, the police must decipher the twisted mind of the killer while grappling with their own emotions. Holly's courage and determination are put to the test as she faces the darkest corners of humanity, navigating a dangerous dance between survival and temptation.
  • Tags: crime, detective, killer, police officers, obsession, secrets, seduction, danger, mystery
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Cover Me

About movie :

When a serial killer terrorizes Los Angeles, the police enlist the help of seductive ex-policewoman Holly Jacobsen for an undercover operation. As Holly's boyfriend, also a cop, becomes possessive, the danger escalates. Unbeknownst to them, the killer, a transvestite obsessed with Holly, sets a deadly plan in motion.

IMDB Rating : 3,4/10 | Votes : 263

Other alternative titles: - Japanese: カバー·ミー - Korean: 커버 미 - German: VERTECKE MICH - Italian: COPRIMI - Spanish: CUBRIRME - French: COUVRE-MOI - Greek: ΚΑΛΥΨΕ ΜΕ
Production: Motion Picture Corporation of America, Playboy Entertainment Group, Home Video Hellas, Paramount Home Entertainment

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