Darker Shades of Summer
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Darker Shades of Summer (2023)

"In the Heat of Desire, Their World Unravels."
    "Darker Shades of Summer" (2023) is an enticing British sex drama directed by the talented Ntiarna Xavier Knight. Written by Scott Jeffrey and Craig McLearie, the film centers around Summer (Danielle Scott) and her husband Dylan (Stephen Staley), who find themselves facing marital struggles due to the pressures of Dylan's demanding job at a law firm. As their sex life starts to wane, Summer attempts to revitalize their sex relationship by exploring new avenues, such as catching her friend Steph (May Kelly) engaging in intimate activities and convincing Dylan to explore pornography. Unsatisfied with the results, Summer makes a bold decision to save their marriage – booking a trip to a swingers retreat. As they delve into the world of swinging, the couple enjoys various sexual encounters, but their decision comes with unforeseen consequences. Blackmail, infidelity, and violence threaten to tear them apart, leading to a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists. True to the vintage sex drama genre, "Darker Shades of Summer" evokes the spirit of films from the '70s with its provocative themes and sensationalist plotlines. Danielle Scott shines in her lead role, bringing depth and vulnerability to the character of Summer, while the supporting cast adds to the allure of the story.
  • Tags: swingers, storytelling, summer, couples, relationships, struggles, swimming, infidelity, blackmail, intimacy, provocative, alluring, violence, mistress, femdom
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Darker Shades of Summer

About movie :

Amidst marital difficulties, a couple embarks on a daring journey to a swingers retreat, only to face unforeseen consequences that threaten to unravel their sex relationship.

IMDB Rating : 2,6/10 | Votes : 189

Other alternative titles: - Japanese: 夏の暗い影 (2023) - Korean: 여름의 어두운 그림자 (2023) - German: Dunklere Schattierungen des Sommers (2023) - Italian: Ombre più Scure d'Estate (2023) - Spanish: Tonos Oscuros del Verano (2023) - French: Des Nuances Sombres de l'Été (2023) - Greek: Σκοτεινές Αποχρώσεις του Καλοκαιριού (2023)
Production: Proportion Productions, Fire Flag Films

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