Bikini Hackers
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Bikini Hackers (2023)

"In bikinis we trust, and with brains, we conquer."
    Dive into a thrilling and high-stakes adventure with "Bikini Hackers" (2023), a cutting-edge movie directed by Scott Hillman. In this electrifying tale, a fearless group of women embarks on a daring mission to bring down the world's most powerful financial systems. Fueled by their determination and ingenuity, they craft a meticulous and elaborate plan, determined to let nothing and no one stand in their way. Led by a brilliant mastermind, these unconventional hackers don't rely on conventional weaponry; instead, they leverage their intelligence, wit, and charm to infiltrate the seemingly impenetrable fortresses of the global financial elite. Clad in bikinis as a symbol of empowerment, they challenge stereotypes and expectations, proving that intelligence and strength are not confined to traditional norms. As they execute their audacious plan, the stakes soar higher with each moment, and the line between adversaries and allies becomes blurred. Facing relentless pursuit and unforeseen challenges, the Bikini Hackers must rely on their unyielding sisterhood and cunning to outsmart those who seek to crush their mission. Get ready for a pulse-pounding rollercoaster of action, suspense, and unexpected alliances as "Bikini Hackers" take the world by storm, showing that when women unite, they can revolutionize the very foundations of power.
  • Tags: bikini, summer, beach, adventure, powerful, daring, intellectual, sisterhood, action, unconventional, suspense, alliances
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Bikini Hackers

About movie :

"Bikini Hackers" (2023) is an adrenaline-fueled movie directed by Scott Hillman, featuring a fearless group of women who ingeniously plan to dismantle the world's top financial systems. Armed with brains, determination, and the symbolism of empowerment through bikinis, they challenge societal norms and take on an audacious mission to change the balance of power forever.

IMDB Rating : 1,8/10 | Votes : 202

Other alternative titles: Japanese: ビキニハッカーズ Korean: 비키니 해커들 German: Bikini-Hacker Italian: Hacker in Bikini Spanish: Hackers en Bikini French: Les Hackeuses en Bikini Greek: Χάκερς με μπικίνι
Production: CineRidge Entertainment, Cinema Epoch

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