Lady of the Night
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Lady of the Night (1986)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Desire, Trauma, and the Abyss Within"
    A chilling narrative of transformation, trauma, and tragic consequences. Angelina, weary of committed relationships, undergoes a harrowing ordeal that shatters her world. Struggling to cope, she takes a drastic turn, embarking on a perilous journey of reckless encounters with strangers. As her behavior spirals, the film delves into the darker recesses of human psyche, leading to a fateful crime. Angelina's evolution from a woman seeking liberation to a catalyst for destruction forms the core of this gripping psychological drama.
  • Tags: traumatic event, danger, relationships, crime, transformation, psychological
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Lady of the Night

About movie :

Angelina's brutal assault triggers a haunting change. Escalating dangerous liaisons, she becomes a pawn in a fatal crime.

IMDB Rating : 4,9/10 | Votes : 581

Other alternative titles: Дамата на нощта; La Signora Della Notte; Saanko suudella ruusunnuppuasi?; Yön valtiatar; Får jag kyssa din rosenknopp?; Simona, i gynaika tis nyhtas; 真夜中の貴婦人; Señora de la noche; Ночная женщина; Noci gospe Simone; Госпожа ночи; La señora de la noche; Gecelerin Kadını; Angelina: Lady of the Night; Angelina - Von allen begehrt; Angelina; Serena - Von allen begehrt
Production: Metrofilm, San Francisco Film

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