Erotic Passion
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Erotic Passion (1981)

"Desire, Betrayal, and Deadly Secrets"
    In the alluring drama "Erotic Passion" (1981), 19-year-old Della finds herself entangled in a web of seduction and dark desires after her strict parents' death. Living with her aunt Marsha and Andrew, her aged husband, Della witnesses Marsha's affair with Andrew's doctor. A series of provocative encounters follow, with Della seducing the doctor while Marsha watches. The tension escalates, leading Della to seek refuge at a friend's house, only to stumble upon a murder mystery involving Aris and Samantha. As Della proposes a dangerous deal to evade suspicion, passions ignite, and the haunting question remains: how far will they go for desire and revenge?
  • Tags: passion, seduction, infidelity, murders, revenge
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Erotic Passion

About movie :

In "Erotic Passion" (1981), young Della's life spirals into a seductive whirlwind of desire and murder. Amidst infidelity and hidden agendas, she ventures into a dangerous path where passions collide.

IMDB Rating : 5,4/10 | Votes : 108

Other alternative titles: Pasion erotica; Erotiko pathos; Eroottiset esileikit; Eroottista intohimoa; Επικίνδυνες σχέσεις; Ερωτικά πάθη; Ερωτικό πάθος; Μαύρο βελούδινο κορμί; Férias e Sexo; La porno heredera; Erotik Tutku; Die schwarze Nymphomanin 2. Teil - Im Auftrag ihres Herren
Production: Andromeda International Films, Distribuidora de Películas S.A., Medusa Video, Multicom Entertainment Group, New Star, Sonics Studio, VPS Video

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