X-Deal 2
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X-Deal 2 (2022)

"Desire knows no limits when boundaries are crossed"
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    Immerse yourself in the provocative drama of "X-Deal 2" (2022), where on a secluded island, Emily and Peter, a daring young couple, proposition Olivia, a sultry lesbian guest, with an enticing sex swap arrangement. Initially, the deal seems like a thrilling adventure for all involved, promising mutual satisfaction. However, as passions ignite, the boundaries blur, and hidden desires surface, turning the once-alluring bargain into a tumultuous and unpredictable journey. Lawrence Fajardo masterfully crafts a tale of seduction, temptation, and unforeseen consequences, exploring the dark complexities of human nature and the devastating consequences of pushing boundaries too far.
  • Tags: island, youth, couples, provocative, temptation, consequences
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X-Deal 2

About movie :

Daring proposition for a sex swap between a young couple and a hot lesbian guest leads to unforeseen consequences.

IMDB Rating : 4,9/10 | Votes : 271

Production: Viva Films

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