Tasty Aunt
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Tasty Aunt (2020)

"Savor the flavors, embrace the love."
    Indulge in a delectable cinematic experience with "Tasty Aunt" (2020), a heartwarming and deliciously entertaining film that explores the power of food, family, and the joy of culinary traditions. Set in a quaint coastal town, the movie tells the story of a talented and passionate home cook, known affectionately as Auntie May, who brings people together through her mouthwatering dishes. Auntie May's recipes are more than just food; they are a gateway to nostalgia, comfort, and connection. As she navigates the challenges of running her own small restaurant, she finds herself faced with the opportunity to participate in a prestigious cooking competition that could change her life forever. Along the way, she forms unexpected friendships, encounters delightful eccentricities, and discovers the true essence of her culinary legacy. Through sumptuous visuals and a captivating storyline, "Tasty Aunt" showcases the transformative power of food. Each dish becomes a metaphor for the richness of life and the shared experiences that bind us together. From secret family recipes passed down through generations to the colorful tapestry of characters that populate the town, the film celebrates the universal language of food and the importance of preserving cultural traditions. With its charming blend of humor, drama, and mouthwatering culinary moments, "Tasty Aunt" serves up a feast for the senses. The performances are filled with warmth and authenticity, bringing the characters to life and inviting viewers to share in their journey. The cinematography captures the vibrant colors and textures of the food, immersing the audience in a gastronomic experience that will leave them craving for more. Beyond the delightful food-centric storyline, "Tasty Aunt" also explores universal themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of pursuing one's passions. It reminds us that sometimes the most fulfilling paths in life are the ones that blend our talents, dreams, and the love we have for our families and communities.
  • Tags: family relations, culinary, love, passion, competition, friendship, cultural, joyful, heartwarming, resilience
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Tasty Aunt


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Immerse yourself in a heartwarming tale of family, food, and the power of culinary traditions. "Tasty Aunt" follows the journey of a talented home cook, known as Auntie May, as she navigates the challenges of running her own restaurant and discovers the transformative power of her mouthwatering dishes. Through friendship and the pursuit of her culinary dreams, Auntie May's story unfolds, celebrating the joy of cooking and the importance of preserving cultural traditions.

Other alternative titles: Japanese: おいしいおばさん Korean: 맛있는 이모 Chinese: 美味的阿姨 Thai: น้าอร่อย Hindu: स्वादिष्ट बुआ German: Leckere Tante Italian: La Zia Golosa Spanish: La Tía Sabrosa French: La Tante Gourmande Greek: Η Νοστιμούλα Θεία

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