The House of the Lost Dolls
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The House of the Lost Dolls (1974)

    "The House of the Lost Dolls" is a haunting thriller film that immerses viewers in a dark and mysterious world. Set in the year 1974, the story revolves around a secluded mansion known as "The House of the Lost Dolls." Within its eerie walls, a series of unexplained events and disappearances take place, shrouding the house in an aura of fear and intrigue. As the film unfolds, a group of unsuspecting individuals find themselves drawn to the house, each with their own hidden secrets and troubled pasts. Together, they embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind the house's disturbing history and the enigmatic presence that lurks within its confines. Through chilling atmospheres, suspenseful twists, and a masterful blend of horror and psychological intrigue, "The House of the Lost Dolls" keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. As the characters' lives intertwine and the mysteries deepen, they must confront their deepest fears and confront the malevolent forces that reside within the house. With a gripping narrative and atmospheric cinematography, this film takes viewers on a thrilling ride filled with tension, suspense, and unexpected revelations. Prepare to be enthralled by "The House of the Lost Dolls," a haunting tale that will leave you questioning the true nature of the house and the fate of those who dare to enter.
  • Tags: brothel, slavery, murders, hairy, secluded mansion, unexpected, secrets, suspense, persecution, darkness
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The House of the Lost Dolls

About movie :

Chilling and mysterious thriller set in 1974. As a group of individuals enters a secluded mansion known as "The House of the Lost Dolls," they become entangled in a series of unexplained events and disappearances. Filled with suspense and gripping twists, the film delves into the secrets of the house and the sinister forces that lurk within. Brace yourself for a haunting journey into darkness that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

IMDB Rating : 2,2/10 | Votes : 4

Other alternative titles: La casa delle bambole crudeli, House of Lost Dolls, The House of Lost Girls, House of Cruel Dolls, House of the Cruel Dolls

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