Black Devil Doll
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Horror Rape movie with Fetish (BDSM) sex scenes | SD

Black Devil Doll (2007)

"An unleashed malevolence seeks its revenge from beyond."
    Prepare yourself for a provocative and chilling journey into the depths of horror with "Black Devil Doll," a shocking film directed by Jonathan Louis Lewis and brought to life by the creative minds of writers Mitch Mayes and Shawn Lewis. In a world where seduction and terror intertwine, we are introduced to five irresistibly attractive and busty young women, whose lives take a nightmarish turn when they encounter an unusual and malevolent presence. This evil entity takes the form of a jive-talking doll, harboring the spirit of a black militant, once on death row, seeking vengeance from beyond the grave. As the story unfolds, a sinister series of events befall the unsuspecting women. They become the victims of a harrowing ordeal, subjected to the doll's malevolence, as it unleashes its sadistic desires upon them. The young women are violated, tormented, and stripped of their innocence, facing an unspeakable fate at the hands of this possessed doll. The film delves deep into the realms of horror, exploring the dark facets of the human psyche and the consequences of unresolved hatred and injustice. It ventures into a world where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, leaving the audience spellbound and horrified by the malevolence that ensues. Director Jonathan Louis Lewis masterfully crafts a grindhouse experience that is as audacious as it is unsettling. Drawing inspiration from vintage exploitation cinema, "Black Devil Doll" is an unapologetically raw and visceral journey into the darkest corners of the human soul. It challenges the audience to confront their deepest fears and contemplate the ramifications of unchecked evil. With provocative imagery and a daring narrative, the film pushes boundaries, exploring themes that will both disturb and provoke thought. As the haunting tale unfolds, it sheds light on the consequences of unresolved traumas and the dangers of releasing the repressed demons of the past.
  • Tags: survival, torture, killer, masturbation, revenge, vengeance, evil, seduction, violence, monsters, breaking boundaries, provocative, darkness, spirituality
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Black Devil Doll

About movie :

"Black Devil Doll" is a relentless descent into horror, exploring the twisted pathways of revenge, possession, and the human capacity for darkness. Brace yourself for an unyielding and shocking experience, as you bear witness to the havoc wrought by a demonic doll driven by the vengeful spirit of a man long gone but never forgotten.

IMDB Rating : 4,2/10 | Votes : 1100

Other alternative titles: - Japanese: ブラックデビルドール (2007) - Korean: 블랙 데빌 돌 (2007) - German: Schwarze Teufelspuppe (2007) - Italian: La Bambola del Diavolo Nero (2007) - Spanish: Muñeco Negro Diabólico (2007) - French: La Poupée Démon Noire (2007) - Greek: Μαύρη Διαβολική Κούκλα (2007)
Production: Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment, Rotten Cotton, Rotten Cotton Graphics, 8-Films, Grindhouse Releasing, Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment

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