Baby Love
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Baby Love (1969)

"In a Quest for Love, Hearts and Lives Entwine"
    A haunting tale of desire and desperation. After her mother's passing, a striking young woman hungers for affection and embarks on a provocative journey. Taking residence in her mother's home, she sets out on a daring quest, aiming to ensnare the hearts of the house's inhabitants in her relentless pursuit of love. As her actions become increasingly entangled with the tenants' lives, a web of passion, longing, and unforeseen consequences weaves a gripping narrative that delves into the depths of human yearning.
  • Tags: romantic, desires, desperation, quests, consequences
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Baby Love

About movie :

A mother's demise ignites a yearning for affection in her daughter. Entering her mother's house, she pursues love through the tenants, unraveling desires, and entwining lives.

IMDB Rating : 5,3/10 | Votes : 14

Other alternative titles: Amor de Menina; Boneca Amorosa; La tentadora; To nymfidio tis amartias; Το νυμφίδιο της αμαρτίας; La pelle giovane; 水滴(しずく); Amor Perigoso; Piel joven; Farlig oskuld; Aşk bebeği
Production: Avton Films

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