Blade Violent
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Blade Violent (1983)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Behind bars, justice is a fight for survival"
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Blade Violent

About movie :

Unravels the harrowing journey of Emanuelle, ensnared in a web of corruption after being framed by a crooked D.A. While investigating drug smuggling, she finds herself behind bars, navigating the treacherous waters of prison life under the oppressive rule of a stringent warden and brutal guards. Amidst the chaos, Emanuelle must summon every ounce of resilience to survive.

IMDB Rating : 4.6/10 | Votes : 1200

Other alternative titles: Blade Violent - I violenti; Women's Prison Massacre; Emmanuelle - A Detenta; Emanuelle in Prison; Révolte au Pénitencier de Filles; 女子监狱大屠杀; A Bunch of Bastards; Apodrasi apo tis gynaikeies fylakes; Emanuelle fuga dall'inferno; Эммануэль в тюрьме; Emanuelle en el reformatorio de las perdidas; Emanuelle en prisión; Emanuelle negra va a prisión; Womens Prison Massacre; Laura II - Revolte im Frauenzuchthaus
Production: Incir De Paolis, Rome, Lazio, Italy

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