The Obscene Mirror
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The Obscene Mirror (1973)

The Obscene Mirror

About movie :

Franco also benefits largely from having one of the best actresses he ever worked with playing the lead role. Cohen has that same innocents, doe-eyed beauty of Jessica Harper in "Suspiria", and gives one harrowing, psychotic and ultimately hearth-breaking performance as our grieving protagonist. The music, as usual for a Franco film, has great importance within the context of the film (since Anna is a nightclub singer who often "escapes" from her hectic life by entering into a "purely musical" state of mind), and composer Adolfo Waitzman (who also scored the same year's "A Bell from Hell" and the underrated "Pensione Paura") just nails it with a wonderful jazzy score. Another great aspect of the film is that this is probably the first Franco film that was actually creeped me out, and predates "Candyman" for almost 30 as far as "making mirrors scary as Hell" is concerned. Although the version I saw of this film was in a terrible state and was actually hard to watch at times, the cinematography appeared to be quite good, thus making it even sadder that it isn't available in a remastered, polished DVD. Speaking of which, the film is only available (this cut, at least) in Spanish with no subtitles, but since this is a very visual film (and if you know the main plot beforehand), it's not hard to figure out what's going on.

IMDB Rating : 5.6/10 | Votes : 425

Other alternative titles: The Other Side of the Mirror; Le miroir obscène; Obscene Mirror; Le miroir cochon; Outre-tombe; Virginité interdite; Lo specchio del piacere; Непристойное зеркало; Aynanın Arka Yüzü; Inside a Dark Mirror
Production: Producciones Cinematográficas Orfeo; Comptoir Français du Film Production

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