Vampyros Lesbos
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Fantasy movie with Lesbians sex scenes | HD

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Desire and Death Intertwine in a Dance of Darkness"
    An alluring and chilling erotic horror masterpiece. Follow the enigmatic vampiress as she ensnares her female victims in a web of desire and doom, driven by an unquenchable thirst for their lifeblood. Sensuality and horror intertwine, painting a mesmerizing portrait of seduction, death, and the darkness that lies within.
  • Tags: vampires, seduction, sensual, darkness, desires, alluring
Vampyros Lesbos

About movie :

A seductive vampiress craves female blood. An enticing blend of erotica and horror that will haunt your senses.

IMDB Rating : 5,4/10 | Votes : 5000

Other alternative titles: El signo del vampiro; Lesbian Vampires: The Heiress of Dracula; The Heiress of Dracula; The Heritage of Dracula; The Sign of the Vampire; The Strange Adventure of Jonathan Harker; The Vampire Women; Vampiras Lésbicas; Вампири лесбийки; L'héritière de Dracula; Sexualité speciale; Vampire lesbos; Vampiros Lesbos; Lesvies vampires; Λεσβίες βαμπίρ; Las Vampiras; ヴァンピロス・レスボス; City of Vampires; Wampiryczne lesbijki; Vampirice lezbejke; Вампирши-лесбиянки; Lesbian Vampires; Lesbos; Das Mal des Vampirs; Im Zeichen der Vampire; Schlechte Zeiten für Vampire; Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula
Production: Tele-Cine Film und Fernsehproduktion, Fénix Cooperativa Cinematográfica, CCC Telecine, Central Cinema Company Film

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