Adam and Six Eves
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Adam and Six Eves (1962)

"Love, laughter, and six times the charm!"
    "Adam and Six Eves" (1962) is a captivating and adventurous romantic comedy that takes viewers on a journey to a secluded island paradise. The film follows the escapades of Adam, a charming and witty bachelor who stumbles upon a hidden island inhabited solely by six beautiful and diverse women. As Adam navigates the enchanting landscape, he finds himself at the center of a comedic and romantic whirlwind, juggling the affections of each of the unique women. From the intelligent and independent scientist to the free-spirited artist, each character brings their own charm and personality to the story, creating a captivating dynamic of love, jealousy, and unexpected twists. Set against the backdrop of pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, and crystal-clear waters, "Adam and Six Eves" captures the essence of paradise while exploring themes of love, desire, and the complexities of human relationships. The film's stunning cinematography immerses viewers in the beauty of the island, while its witty dialogue and lighthearted humor keep audiences entertained throughout. With its stellar cast, charming performances, and delightful plot twists, "Adam and Six Eves" is a timeless classic that celebrates the allure of romance and the unpredictable nature of love. It offers a whimsical and entertaining escape into a world where adventure and passion await at every turn.
  • Tags: jungle, escape, diversity, island, romantic, adventure, paradise, jealousy, unexpected, love, desires, relationships, captivating
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Adam and Six Eves

About movie :

Embark on a romantic escapade to a hidden island paradise, where a charming bachelor finds himself entangled in a hilarious and amorous journey with six captivating women. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, this comedic gem explores the complexities of love, desire, and the pursuit of happiness.

IMDB Rating : 5,4/10 | Votes : 7

Other alternative titles: Japanese: アダムと六人のイヴ Korean: 아담과 여섯 명의 이브 Chinese: 亞當與六個夏娃 Thai: อาดัมกับหกคนของเอว Hindi: आदम और छः इवेज़ German: Adam und die sechs Evas Swedish: Adam och sex Evas Norwegian: Adam og seks Evas Finnish: Aadam ja kuusi Eevaa Dutch: Adam en zes Eva's Polish: Adam i sześć Ew Czech: Adam a šest Evin Hungarian: Ádám és hat Éva Italian: Adamo e le sei Eva Spanish: Adán y las seis Evas Portuguese: Adão e as seis Evas French: Adam et les six Èves Greek: Αδάμ και οι έξι Εύε Arabic: آدم وستة إيفز Romanian: Adam și șase Eve Turkish: Adem ve altı Havva
Production: Desert Productions

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