Sister of Mine
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Sister of Mine (2017)

"A Journey Through Intimacy, Innocence, and Intrigue"
    The intricate relationship between a brother and sister, unexpectedly reconnected in Madrid after years of separation. Overwhelmed by surprise and curiosity, the brother embarks on a journey to uncover his sister's life in the city. As he delves deeper, fascination intertwines with discomfort, unraveling a complex history of dominance, manipulation, and moral boundaries. The film explores the blurred lines between reality and perception, innocence and manipulation, as the brother confronts uncomfortable truths about their past. A vivid portrayal of a lively student entangled with her charming yet enigmatic older brother, the story navigates through the realms of intimacy and morality.
  • Tags: manipulation, morality, intimacy, innocence, intrigues
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Sister of Mine

About movie :

A brother's journey to Madrid to reconnect with his sister. Fascination and discomfort intertwine, unveiling a history of dominance and morality boundaries.

IMDB Rating : 5,3/10 | Votes : 1200

Other alternative titles: Geliebte Schwester; Demoni i tuoi occhi; Demoniškos tavo akys; Moja siostra; Sora mea; Ад в твоих глазах; Kızkardeşim
Production: Antonello Novellino, Carmelita Films, Ciudad Lunar Producciones, Programa Ibermedia

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