Healing House: Kingdom of Sex
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Healing House: Kingdom of Sex (2022)

    Hye-kyeong takes on the role of a housekeeper for Soon-sil and Jeong-seop, unaware of the surprising discovery that awaits her. It turns out that Soon-sil is part of a religious group, a fact that Hye-kyeong stumbles upon accidentally. Intrigued by the sense of belonging she observes in Soon-sil, Hye-kyeong cleverly uses this knowledge to attract the attention of Soon-sil's lover, Tae-bong. Unbeknownst to Hye-kyeong, a series of unexpected events unfolds. Soon-sil becomes possessed by Tae-bong, blurring the boundaries between their identities. To add to the chaos, Jeong-seop, Soon-sil's husband and a notorious gangster, finds himself inexplicably drawn to Hye-kyeong. As the tangled web of desire and possession becomes increasingly complex, Hye-kyeong, Jeong-seop, Soon-sil, and Tae-bong engage in a psychological battle, using their cunning minds to gain control over one another. Each character's motivations and desires intertwine, leading to a thrilling exploration of power dynamics and the depths of human manipulation. In this captivating Korean film, secrets, identity shifts, and intricate mind games take center stage as Hye-kyeong, Jeong-seop, Soon-sil, and Tae-bong navigate a treacherous path of passion, deception, and a battle for dominance. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of suspense, as the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, and the characters' fates intertwine in unexpected ways.
  • Tags: desires, manipulation, possession, obsession, psychological, battle, control, secrets, identity
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Healing House: Kingdom of Sex

About movie :

In this thrilling Korean film, a housekeeper named Hye-kyeong becomes entangled in a web of desire and manipulation when she discovers that her employer, Soon-sil, is involved in a religious group. As Hye-kyeong uses her newfound knowledge to attract Soon-sil's lover, Tae-bong, a series of unexpected possession and obsession unfolds, leading to a psychological battle for control.

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