The Tutor
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The Tutor (2017)

"Lessons Unveil Secrets, Minds Conceal Intentions"
    The Tutor revolves around Mona's intriguing journey as she takes on her first tutoring job. Tasked with teaching two orphaned children residing in a decrepit countryside house, Mona becomes consumed by her determination to educate them. However, her fixation blinds her to the children's hidden intentions, which go beyond her lessons. As Mona's efforts to civilize the almost wild youngsters unfold, the film delves into suspense, psychological intricacies, and the chilling realization that education might not be their only pursuit.
  • Tags: tutor, education system, obsession, suspense, psychological
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The Tutor

About movie :

Mona's initial tutoring job, unveiling her obsession to educate orphaned feral children. Unaware of their ulterior motives, Mona walks a perilous path.

IMDB Rating : 6,0/10 | Votes : 263

Other alternative titles: Воспитатель
Production: Noel Films

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