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X (2011)

"A jaded call-girl… a fledgling hooker… the night from hell."
    "X: Night of Vengeance" (2011) is an Australian crime thriller film directed by Jon Hewitt. The story follows two female escorts, Holly Rowe (played by Viva Bianca) and Shay Ryan (played by Hanna Mangan Lawrence), who find themselves caught up in a dangerous night of violence and betrayal. Holly, an experienced escort, takes on the task of training Shay, a newcomer to the profession. However, their night takes a dark turn when they encounter a wealthy client who turns out to be more dangerous than they anticipated. As they become entangled in his world of crime and corruption, Holly and Shay must rely on their wits and survival instincts to navigate through the night. "X: Night of Vengeance" explores the themes of power, exploitation, and female empowerment within the context of the escort industry. The film delves into the complex dynamics between the characters, their personal struggles, and the choices they make in the face of danger. The gritty and intense atmosphere of the film is heightened by its night-time setting and the raw performances of the lead actresses. Viva Bianca and Hanna Mangan Lawrence deliver compelling portrayals of women who find themselves pushed to their limits and forced to confront their own vulnerabilities. The movie blends elements of crime, suspense, and drama, offering a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It provides an unflinching look at the underbelly of society while exploring themes of empowerment and survival.
  • Tags: escort, danger, violence, betrayal, exploitation, powerful, survival, intense, crime, suspense
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About movie :

Australian crime thriller that follows two female escorts as they navigate a dangerous night of violence and betrayal.

IMDB Rating : 6,5/10 | Votes : 206

Other alternative titles: X, 失身少女, Exit, X: Night of Vengeance, Exit - A Night from Hell, 迷夜, X: İntikam Gecesi, X: Night of Vengeance, X: Night of Vengeance, Exit - A Night from Hell

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