Leap Year
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Leap Year (2010)

"Sometimes love needs a little extra time."
    "Leap Year" (2010) is a heartwarming romantic comedy that takes viewers on a captivating journey filled with love, self-discovery, and unexpected twists. Set against the stunning backdrop of Ireland, the film follows the story of a spirited and determined woman who embarks on a spontaneous adventure to propose to her longtime boyfriend on Leap Day, a traditional day when women are encouraged to take the lead in matters of the heart. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she finds herself stranded in a small Irish village due to inclement weather. As she navigates the charming and quirky community, she crosses paths with a handsome and charismatic innkeeper who challenges her beliefs and ignites a spark within her. Through a series of misadventures and heartfelt moments, she begins to question her own desires and learns that true love may be found in the most unexpected places. "Leap Year" is a delightful blend of romance, humor, and picturesque landscapes that transports viewers into a world of possibility and second chances. With its enchanting storytelling, charismatic performances, and genuine moments of connection, this film captures the essence of love's unpredictable journey.
  • Tags: romantic, adventure, love, self-discovery, unexpected, journey, village, heartbreak, connections, second chances, picturesque, spontaneous sex, heartwarming
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Leap Year

About movie :

In this captivating romantic comedy, a spirited woman sets off on an unplanned journey to propose to her partner on Leap Day. However, fate has other plans when she finds herself stranded in a picturesque Irish village. As she navigates the idyllic setting and encounters a charming innkeeper, her perspective on love and relationships begins to shift. Through a series of unexpected events and heartfelt moments, she discovers the importance of taking risks, embracing spontaneity, and opening her heart to new possibilities.

IMDB Rating : 6,1/10 | Votes : 83

Other alternative titles: Japanese: リープイヤー Korean: 윤년 Chinese: 閏年之戀 Thai: ปีอธิกสุรทิน Hindu: लीप वर्ष German: Schaltjahr Italian: L'anno bisestile Spanish: Año bisiesto French: L'Année bissextile Greek: Δίσεκτος χρόνος

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