Island of Desire
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Island of Desire (2022)

"One Woman's Escape from the Island of Temptation"
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    A nurse grappling with an intimate void in her marriage is assigned to Isla Bato, an island where men indulge their lustful desires without restraint. As she navigates this world of unchecked passion, she witnesses the unsettling madness that envelops the island's inhabitants. Amidst the chaos, she hatches a daring plan to escape this debauched realm. This film explores themes of intimacy, empowerment, and survival, as the nurse confronts the island's depravity and fights to reclaim her agency.
  • Tags: nurses, intimacy, madness, escape, empowerment, survival, island
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Island of Desire

About movie :

Witnessing the madness, she must devise a plan to escape the depravity and reclaim her autonomy.

IMDB Rating : 5,7/10 | Votes : 291

Production: Viva Films, Vivamax

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