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Bound (1996)

"For money. For murder. For each other."
    "Bound" (1996) is a captivating neo-noir crime thriller that masterfully weaves together elements of suspense, romance, and deception. Directed by the Wachowskis, this stylish and audacious film takes viewers on a gripping journey through a web of intrigue and danger. The story revolves around Corky (played by Gina Gershon), a tough ex-convict who just finished a prison sentence, and Violet (played by Jennifer Tilly), the girlfriend of a menacing mobster named Caesar (played by Joe Pantoliano). When Corky moves into an apartment complex where Violet lives, a chance encounter sparks a connection between them that quickly deepens into a passionate and forbidden affair. As their sex relationship intensifies, Violet confides in Corky about her desperation to escape her abusive and controlling situation with Caesar. Inspired by their shared desire for freedom, the two women devise an audacious plan to steal a large sum of mob money from Caesar. Their plan becomes a thrilling and high-stakes game of cat and mouse as they navigate the dangerous underworld, filled with double-crosses, unexpected twists, and suspenseful moments. The Wachowskis' direction infuses "Bound" with a distinct visual style, employing striking cinematography, clever camera work, and a dark and moody atmosphere that amplifies the tension and unease. The film showcases their signature blend of noir aesthetics and innovative storytelling techniques, foreshadowing their later successes with "The Matrix" series. Gina Gershon delivers a powerhouse performance as Corky, exuding strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Jennifer Tilly brings a seductive and enigmatic quality to her role as Violet, capturing the character's complexity and conflicting emotions. Joe Pantoliano is equally impressive as Caesar, portraying the mobster with a volatile mix of charm and menace. "Bound" goes beyond its genre conventions to explore themes of trust, betrayal, and the power dynamics inherent in relationships. It challenges traditional notions of gender roles and sexuality, presenting a bold and progressive narrative that resonates with audiences. With its compelling storyline, sharp dialogue, and exceptional performances, "Bound" stands as a captivating and influential film in the neo-noir genre. It captivates viewers with its intriguing characters, intense moments of suspense, and a love story that defies the odds. "Bound" is a gripping cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression, cementing its place as a cult classic and a testament to the Wachowskis' storytelling prowess.
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Stylish neo-noir crime thriller directed by the Wachowskis. The film follows Corky, an ex-convict, and Violet, the girlfriend of a mobster, as they become embroiled in a dangerous plan to steal mob money. A passionate and forbidden romance develops between them, leading to twists, double-crosses, and a thrilling game of deception. With its sleek visuals and compelling performances, "Bound" is a suspenseful and captivating cinematic experience.

IMDB Rating : 7,156/10 | Votes : 732

Other alternative titles: Sin límites, Liaisons interdites, バウンド, The Business

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