Don't Fuck in the Woods
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Fantasy Horror movie with Fetish (BDSM), Lesbians, Outdoor, Teens sex scenes | HD

Don't Fuck in the Woods (2016)

"You're going to need protection!"
    "Don't Fuck in the Woods" (2016) is a tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy film that combines elements of slasher flicks and outrageous humor. Directed by Shawn Burkett, this campy and over-the-top movie takes audiences on a wild ride filled with scares, laughs, and gratuitous gore. The story follows a group of friends who decide to go on a camping trip in the secluded woods. Little do they know that their peaceful getaway will soon turn into a nightmare as they encounter a menacing force lurking in the shadows. As the group faces off against a mysterious and bloodthirsty creature, their survival instincts are put to the test. With its deliberately provocative and irreverent title, "Don't Fuck in the Woods" embraces its B-movie roots and revels in outrageous and gory set pieces. The film combines over-the-top kills, gratuitous nudity, and a healthy dose of humor to create a unique and unconventional horror experience. While "Don't Fuck in the Woods" may not be for everyone, it caters to fans of the genre who appreciate its self-awareness and embrace of campy entertainment. It pays homage to classic slasher films while injecting its own brand of over-the-top humor and unconventional storytelling. Prepare for a wild and outrageous ride as "Don't Fuck in the Woods" delivers a blend of horror, humor, and over-the-top gore that is sure to entertain fans of unconventional and irreverent horror cinema.
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Don't Fuck in the Woods

About movie :

A group of friends are going on a camping trip to celebrate graduating college. But once they enter the woods, the proverbial shit starts to hit the fan.

IMDB Rating : 4/10 | Votes : 50

Other alternative titles: 别在树林里操屄, Dont Fuck in the Woods

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