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Jumbo (2020)

    "Jumbo" (2020) is a whimsical and unconventional love story that explores the boundaries of human connection and acceptance. In this enchanting drama, a young woman named Jeanne falls deeply in love with a unique and extraordinary object: a theme park ride called Jumbo. As their sex relationship develops, Jeanne grapples with societal judgment and her own understanding of love. With its vibrant and visually captivating cinematography, "Jumbo" creates a dreamlike atmosphere that transports viewers into Jeanne's extraordinary world. The film skillfully blends elements of fantasy and romance, inviting audiences to question the nature of love and the limits of societal norms. The talented cast delivers heartfelt performances, with Noémie Merlant shining in the role of Jeanne, capturing the complexity and emotional depth of her character's unusual bond. Through Jeanne's journey, the film delves into themes of self-acceptance, the power of imagination, and the beauty of embracing one's unique desires. "Jumbo" is a celebration of love in all its unconventional forms, challenging traditional notions and encouraging viewers to embrace their own authenticity. It explores the transformative power of passion and the importance of acceptance, reminding us that love knows no bounds. Prepare to be swept away by the magical and tender story of "Jumbo" as it invites you to see beyond societal expectations and open your heart to the extraordinary connections that can be found in unexpected places. It is a film that ignites the imagination, celebrates the human spirit, and reminds us that love can truly be found in the most unexpected of forms.
  • Tags: autism, amusement park, paraphilia, objectum sexuality, psychological, sexy, touching, melancholic, talky, surreal, weird, mental illness, mother daughter relationship, male nudity, sexuality, absent father, youth, romance, family relations, love and roma
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Jeanne, a shy young woman, works as a night guard at an amusement park and has a close sex relationship with her mother. While no man can compete with this opposed duo, Jeanne begins to develop strange romantic feelings for Jumbo, the latest attraction at the theme park...

IMDB Rating : 5,5/10 | Votes : 48

Other alternative titles: 점보, Τζάμπο, 恋する遊園地, Джамбо, รักฉันมัน "จัมโบ้"

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