Earl Miller's Girls Of Europe
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Earl Miller's Girls Of Europe (1994)

    "Earl Miller's Girls of Europe" (1994) is an alluring adult film that takes viewers on a tantalizing journey across the continent. Directed by renowned adult filmmaker Earl Miller, this film showcases the beauty and seductive prowess of European women. From passionate encounters to breathtaking visuals, "Earl Miller's Girls of Europe" captures the essence of European sensuality and the art of eroticism. With its stunning cinematography and a cast of stunning performers, the film offers a tantalizing experience that celebrates the allure and diversity of European beauty. Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating performances and indulge in the pleasures of passion as you immerse yourself in the world of "Earl Miller's Girls of Europe." Please note that this film is intended for adult audiences.
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Earl Miller's Girls Of Europe

About movie :

Like most males who have grown up with the American sexual yin-yang standard, I am of two minds when I watch a Penthouse video. The first mind is that of the post-Women's Lib era, who wants to believe that he sees women as equals and does not want to regard them solely as sexual objects. The second mind is that of the typical stoop-jawed chauvinist who stares wide-eyed at his TV screen and thinks, "How do they get women to do this?" In particular, there is a woman in this video named Lynn Johnson, a generously endowed blonde who not only shows off her astounding physique, she relishes in it. The way in which she, er, shows appreciation for her ample self is undoubtedly the acid test for any couple watching this video. I'd imagine that most wives would leave the room in disgust, while their husbands were in the middle of giving the video a standing ovation.

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