Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night
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Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night (1971)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Unveiling the secrets of teenage desire and the fears that haunt parents."
    "Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night" (1971) is a daring and controversial film that delves into the hidden world of teenage sexuality, exploring the secret desires, fears, and untold stories of adolescents. Building upon the success of the first installment, this thought-provoking movie continues to peel back the layers of societal taboos, shining a light on the complex interplay between youth, desire, and parental concerns. Set in a quiet suburban community, the film follows a group of high school girls as they navigate the tumultuous waters of adolescence. Through a series of candid interviews and realistic vignettes, the movie unveils a mosaic of teenage experiences, from innocent flirtations to unbridled passions, from consensual relationships to illicit affairs. As the narrative unfolds, the film tackles a range of sensitive topics that keep parents awake at night. It explores issues such as peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, consent, and the delicate balance between freedom and responsibility. By giving voice to the young characters and portraying their experiences with nuance and empathy, the movie challenges traditional notions of teenage sexuality and sheds light on the complexities and challenges that young people face. While pushing boundaries and provoking discussion, the film is not without controversy. It presents explicit scenes and situations, aiming to spark conversation and encourage a more open and honest dialogue about the realities of adolescent sexuality. Some critics argue that the film sensationalizes and exploits its young characters, while others praise its attempt to confront and challenge societal norms. "Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night" serves as a mirror reflecting the fears, desires, and anxieties of both young people and their parents. It delves deep into the conflicting emotions and moral dilemmas that arise when the innocence of youth collides with the complex realities of adulthood. Through its provocative storytelling, powerful performances, and poignant social commentary, the film invites audiences to question and examine their own beliefs and assumptions surrounding teenage sexuality. It confronts the discomforting aspects of the subject matter head-on, challenging viewers to confront their own biases and engage in meaningful conversations about consent, education, and the importance of open communication between parents and their children. "Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night" is a courageous and thought-provoking film that confronts societal taboos, exposes the struggles of adolescence, and encourages a more empathetic and informed understanding of the complexities of teenage sexuality. It is a challenging and controversial work that aims to provoke discussion, challenge preconceptions, and ultimately foster a healthier and more open approach to addressing the concerns that keep parents awake at night.
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Schoolgirl Report Part 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night

About movie :

Step into the provocative world of teenage sexuality and parental concerns with this gripping film that explores the hidden desires and fears of adolescents. Through candid interviews and compelling vignettes, the movie delves into the complexities of youth, desire, and the worries that haunt parents at night. It challenges societal taboos and sparks conversations about consent, peer pressure, and the delicate balance between freedom and responsibility. This thought-provoking exploration of teenage sexuality aims to shed light on the challenges young people face and encourage open dialogue between generations.

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Other alternative titles: Japanese: 学園生活報告書 第2部:夜を眠れなくするもの Korean: 여학생 보고서 파트 2: 밤에 부모를 깨우는 것들 Chinese: 学生报告第二部:夜晚让家长失眠的原因 Thai: รายงานนักเรียน ภาค 2: สิ่งที่ทำให้พ่อแม่ตื่นตากลมกลืนในยามค่ำคืน Hindi: स्कूलगर्ल रिपोर्ट पार्ट 2: रात को जगाने वाली माता-पिता की चिंता German: Schulmädchen-Report Teil 2: Was Eltern nachts wach hält Italian: Rapporto Scolastico Parte 2: Ciò che toglie il sonno ai genitori di notte Spanish: Informe Escolar Parte 2: Lo que mantiene despiertos a los padres por la noche French: Rapport d'écolière Partie 2 : Ce qui empêche les parents de dormir la nuit Greek: Έκθεση Μαθήτριας Μέρος 2: Αυτό που κρατά τους γονείς ξύπνιους τη νύχτα
Production: Rapid Film

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