Vampire Vixens
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Fantasy movie with Interracial, Lesbians sex scenes | SD

Vampire Vixens (2003)

"Indulge in the forbidden desires of the night."
    Get ready to sink your teeth into the tantalizing world of "Vampire Vixens" (2003), the seductive and long-awaited sequel to the cult classic, "The Vampire's Seduction." From the visionary director John Bacchus comes a mesmerizing tale of desire, temptation, and the undead. In this scintillating installment, we encounter the alluring and fanged beauty, Dracoola (played by the enigmatic Mia Copia), daughter of the infamous Count Dracula. Rising once more from the depths of the afterlife, she sets her sights on a delectable feast of gorgeous women. Dracoola's insatiable desires lead her on a quest for only the most exquisite of prey—lesbians with hearts that beat as passionately as her own. To ensure a never-ending stream of delectable delights, Dracoola enlists the help of the nerdy and awkward Eugene Renfield. Eugene's mission is to procure the most hot'n'writhing specimens for her lair, thus igniting a mesmerizing dance of seduction, secrecy, and supernatural intrigue. As the lines between pleasure and peril blur, Eugene finds himself ensnared in a world where passion and danger intertwine. With every encounter, Dracoola's hypnotic powers take hold, and Eugene is lured deeper into her web of desire. The world of "Vampire Vixens" is one of dark enchantment, where beauty and danger entwine, and forbidden desires reign supreme. Will Dracoola find the ultimate satisfaction in her insatiable quest for passion, or will her pursuit of forbidden pleasure lead her down a path of perilous consequences? Prepare to be tantalized, intrigued, and seduced as "Vampire Vixens" unleashes a thrilling and intoxicating journey into the nocturnal world of the undead.
  • Tags: vampires, seduction, creatures, desires, immortality, sensual, alluring, supernatural, forbidden, gothic, mystery, passion, temptation, adult humor, sequel, hypnotic
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Vampire Vixens


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About movie :

In this alluring sequel, the fanged and seductive daughter of Count Dracula, rises from the grave once more, on a mission to satisfy her desires for gorgeous women, and she'll need an unlikely ally to deliver her chosen prey to her lair.

IMDB Rating : 3,3/10 | Votes : 222

Other alternative titles: Japanese: 吸血鬼の魅惑 (2003) Korean: 뱀파이어 여인들 (2003) German: Vampirische Verführung (2003) Italian: Le Vampate del Vampiro (2003) Spanish: Vampiras Seductoras (2003) French: Vampires envoûtantes (2003) Greek: Βρικόλακες Εκπληκτικές (2003)
Production: Seduction Cinema, E.I. Independent Cinema, Shadowplay Enterprises

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