Vampire Vixens
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Vampire Vixens (2003)

    In the world of shadows and eternal night, where desire meets danger, lies the realm of the Vampire Vixens. These seductive creatures of the night possess an otherworldly allure that captivates all who cross their path. With their hypnotic beauty and insatiable hunger, they navigate a web of forbidden love and dark desires. As the moon rises and the blood runs hot, the Vampire Vixens awaken from their slumber, ready to indulge in their insatiable thirst for both blood and pleasure. This tantalizing tale of supernatural passion and temptation unfolds with each heartbeat, drawing you deeper into their intoxicating world. Brace yourself for a journey into the realm of the Vampire Vixens, where darkness meets desire and the line between predator and prey becomes blurred.
  • Tags: vampire, vixens, seductive, nocturnal creatures, dark desires, immortal, bloodlust, sensual, alluring, supernatural, forbidden love, seduction, eternal life, nightfall, irresistible charm, gothic, thrilling, mysterious, fangs, passion, temptation
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Vampire Vixens

About movie :

Vampire Vixens - the lip-smacking, long-awaited sequel to the erotic cult hit, The Vampire's Seduction. The fanged and fabulously succulent daughter of Count Dracula has returned once again from beyond the grave. Dracoola (Mia Copia) is her name, and seducing gorgeous women is her game. Dracoola desires only the choicest lesbians, and to that end, she requires the service of the nerdy Eugene Renfield to deliver the hot'n'writhing goods to her lair.

IMDB Rating : 1,8/10 | Votes : 5

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