The Insatiable Ironbabe
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Fantasy movie with Lesbians sex scenes | SD

The Insatiable Ironbabe (2008)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Saving the world, one pleasure at a time."
    Brace yourself for a wild and provocative adventure with "The Insatiable Ironbabe" (2008), a daring film directed by the visionary John Bacchus and driven by the creative script by Zachary Snygg. The story revolves around the beautiful and powerful Horny Fark (Jackie Stevens), the owner of Fark Industries, a multinational corporation renowned for producing cutting-edge high-tech sex toys. From the infamous "Spank-O-Tron" to the titanic "Gargantuan Groper," Fark Industries pushes the boundaries of pleasure. When Fark attends the International Adult Toy Show in the distant land of Bacchustan, her life takes an unexpected turn. She falls victim to the clutches of terrorist Abu Bu, who forces her to construct a nuclear-powered sex doll. However, Fark's resourcefulness and a makeshift suit of armor created from old sex toys become her salvation. With the help of her fellow captive, Titsen, who proves to be an obliging bedmate and partner in escape, Fark manages to break free from Abu's evil grip and his insidious Weapons of Mass Penetration. Meanwhile, back at Fark Industries, the company is in turmoil. Fark Industries' Vice President, Obgyn Stain (Darian Caine), has driven the company into bankruptcy with her inept inventions, including the ill-fated cactus dildo and a colossal five-foot Ben Wa ball. Determined to reclaim her empire, Fark, alongside her trusted right-hand woman, Bumper Boobs, sets out to build a new and improved sex toy suit of armor. This upgraded creation boasts a deadly laser bra, bullet-proof panties, and long-lasting batteries. Piloting her helium-filled inflatable love doll back to Bacchustan, Fark becomes a force to be reckoned with, obliterating planes, tanks, and challenging society's hetero-only tendencies. In a whirlwind of humor, sexual innuendos, and daring escapades, "The Insatiable Ironbabe" delivers a satirical take on the superhero genre, reimagined through a lens of unabashed eroticism.
  • Tags: heroes, carnal pleasure, desires, seduction, lighthearted, playful, adult humor, sensual, spirituality, whimsical, titillating, adventure, fantasies, parody, satisfaction, kidnapping
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The Insatiable Ironbabe

About movie :

Get ready for a wildly adventurous and hilariously provocative journey in a film that will challenge expectations. Directed by John Bacchus and driven by the imaginative script of Zachary Snygg, this daring tale follows the captivating story of Horny Fark, the owner of Fark Industries, a global corporation specializing in high-tech sex toys. When Fark finds herself captured by a terrorist and forced to construct a nuclear-powered sex doll, she must rely on her ingenuity and a makeshift suit of armor created from unconventional materials to escape. Fueled by humor, satire, and unapologetic eroticism, "The Insatiable Ironbabe" delivers a unique take on the superhero genre, pushing the boundaries of pleasure and societal norms.

IMDB Rating : 0.8/10 | Votes : 2

Other alternative titles: Japanese: 飢えたアイアンベイブ (Ueta Aianbeibu) Korean: 만족할 줄 모르는 아이언베이브 (Manjokhal jul moreuneun Aieonbeibeu) German: Die unersättliche Eisenbabe Italian: L'Insaziabile Ironbabe Spanish: La Insaciable Ironbabe French: L'Insatiable Ironbabe Greek: Η Ανυπόστατη Σιδηρομάνα (I Anypóstati Sidēromána)
Production: Seduction Cinema, Pop Cinema

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