Jesus, The Total Douchebag
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Erotic Fantasy movie with Fetish (BDSM), Outdoor sex scenes | SD

Jesus, The Total Douchebag (2011)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Provocative. Controversial. Unforgettable."
    Brace yourself for a thought-provoking and controversial cinematic experience with "Jesus, The Total Douchebag" (2011). This daring and irreverent film challenges societal norms and tackles taboo subjects with fearless audacity. In this provocative dark comedy, the story revolves around an unconventional portrayal of Jesus Christ. Stripping away the traditional reverence associated with the figure, the film presents Jesus as a flawed and imperfect character, exploring themes of existential crisis, morality, and the complexities of human nature. Through a series of satirical and subversive vignettes, "Jesus, The Total Douchebag" offers a scathing critique of organized religion, social conventions, and the hypocrisies of contemporary society. It delves into uncomfortable territory, pushing boundaries and provoking introspection. With its bold visual style, sharp wit, and unapologetic commentary, this film challenges viewers to question their own beliefs and biases. It confronts the audience with uncomfortable truths while sparking discussions on religion, spirituality, and the nature of faith. "Jesus, The Total Douchebag" is a cinematic work that is unafraid to challenge conventions, spark controversy, and push the boundaries of storytelling. It is a thought-provoking exploration of faith, humanity, and the complexities of belief in a modern world.
  • Tags: daring, societal norms, existential, thought-provoking, controversial, religion, introspection, satirical, subversion, unapologetic, breaking boundaries, storytelling, dark humor
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Jesus, The Total Douchebag

About movie :

This daring and thought-provoking dark comedy challenges societal norms as it presents an unconventional portrayal of Jesus Christ, exploring themes of existential crisis and the complexities of human nature.

IMDB Rating : 3,1/10 | Votes : 4

Other alternative titles: Japanese: イエス、総ドゥーシュバッグ Korean: 예수님, 절대 최악 Chinese: 耶稣,彻头彻尾的混蛋 Thai: เจซัส เดอะ โททอล ดูชีแบ็ก Hindi: यीशु, टोटल डूचबैग German: Jesus, der totale Vollidiot Swedish: Jesus, den totala skitstöveln Norwegian: Jesus, den totale idioten Finnish: Jeesus, täydellinen mulkku Dutch: Jezus, de totale klootzak Polish: Jezus, totalny dupek Czech: Ježíš, totální prskavec Hungarian: Jézus, a teljes barom Italian: Gesù, l'idiota totale Spanish: Jesús, el completo imbécil Portuguese: Jesus, o total idiota French: Jésus, le total connard Greek: Ο Ιησούς, ο απόλυτος καθυστερημένος Arabic: يسوع، الغبي الكلي Romanian: Iisus, măgarul total Turkish: İsa, Toplam Ahmak
Production: Bill Zebub Productions, ODERUS URUNGUS

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