Playboy Video Centerfold: 40th Anniversary Playmate Anna Marie Goddard
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Playboy Video Centerfold: 40th Anniversary Playmate Anna Marie Goddard (1994)

"Unleash your desires and immerse in the allure."
    Indulge in the seductive presence of Anna Marie Goddard, a stunning blonde hailing from Europe, whose very essence ignites the passions of any red-blooded man. Even when fully clothed, her allure is undeniable, sending pulses racing. In this video, however, the boundaries are pushed further, offering tantalizing glimpses beyond mere clothing. Against a pristine white backdrop, Anna Marie Goddard unveils her exquisite form, teasingly shedding her garments, leaving nothing to the imagination. Another scene showcases her sensuality as she delicately cools her naked body with ice cubes, the coolness contrasting with the warmth of desire. While the video promises an erotic journey, it falls short of expectations, especially considering Anna Marie Goddard's Dutch origins. The pinnacle of eroticism arrives when she voyeuristically observes a passionate encounter between a couple in a neighboring building, heightening the intensity of desire. Yet, it is true that the video misses an opportunity to showcase Anna Marie Goddard's intimate connections with a man, a missed chance to delve deeper into the realms of intimacy. Such an exploration would have elevated the video, allowing viewers to witness the sparks that ignite when her enchanting presence intertwines with another's. In the end, while the video offers glimpses of Anna Marie Goddard's captivating beauty and flirtations with erotica, it leaves one yearning for more intimate connections and a deeper exploration of passion.
  • Tags: striptease, blonde, lingerie, sexual, alluring, captivating, beauty, seduction, intimacy, mesmerizing, passion, longing, modeling
Playboy Video Centerfold: 40th Anniversary Playmate Anna Marie Goddard

About movie :

Step into the world of undeniable allure and captivating beauty with this mesmerizing film. Featuring a stunning blonde from Europe, the movie takes viewers on a seductive journey that tantalizes the senses. From scenes where she strips against a pristine white backdrop to the tantalizing sight of her cooling her naked body with ice cubes, the film offers glimpses into a world of eroticism and desire. However, amidst the anticipation, there is a longing for more explicit passion, especially considering the star's Dutch origins. The most captivating moment arrives when she becomes an observer, witnessing a couple engaging in intimate love-making in a neighboring building. While the film provides a taste of sensuality, it leaves viewers craving a deeper exploration of intimate connections, yearning for a more passionate encounter between the mesmerizing blonde and a male partner.

IMDB Rating : 6,6/10 | Votes : 26

Other alternative titles: Japanese: プレイボーイビデオセンターフォールド:40周年記念プレイメイトアンナマリーゴダード Korean: 플레이보이 비디오 센터 폴드: 40주년 기념 플레이메이트 안나 마리 고다드 Chinese: 花花公子影片中心折页:40周年纪念花花公子女郎安娜·玛丽·戈达德 Thai: เพลย์บอยวิดีโอเซ็นเตอร์โฟลด์: 40 ปี อลังการพลเมทแอนนา มารี ก็อดดาร์ด Hindu: प्लेबोय वीडियो सेंटरफोल्ड: 40वीं वर्षगांठ प्लेमेट अन्ना मरी गोद्डार्ड German: Playboy Video Centerfold: 40-jähriges Jubiläum Playmate Anna Marie Goddard Italian: Playboy Video Centerfold: 40º Anniversario Playmate Anna Marie Goddard Spanish: Playboy Video Centerfold: 40º Aniversario Playmate Anna Marie Goddard French: Playboy Video Centerfold : 40ème anniversaire Playmate Anna Marie Goddard Greek: Πλεϊμπόι Βίντεο Κέντερφολντ: 40η Επέτειος Playmate Άννα Μαρί Γκοντάρντ
Production: Playboy Entertainment Group

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