Pet of the Year Play-off Miel Angel
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Pet of the Year Play-off Miel Angel (1998)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Unveiling the desires that ignited a decade."
    Step into the mesmerizing world of the "Penthouse: Pet of the Year Play-Off 1998," a film crafted by the visionary director and writer Nicholas Guccione. This unique edition takes a retrospective look at the remarkable journey of the Penthouse Pets who graced the screens and captivated hearts in 1998. The film begins with the enchanting Miel Angel, Pet of May 1999, as she takes center stage, transitioning from lingerie to a sensual bathtub scene, and finally to a library setting. Samantha Stewart, Pet of January 1999, follows, showcasing her natural beauty as she undresses in two different settings, leaving viewers yearning for more. Vicca, Pet of December 1998, enters the spotlight, baring her soul and body in explicit displays, including intimate shots and a spread that push boundaries. However, the connection may not resonate with all audiences. The "Double Trouble" segment brings together Vicca and Angelica Costello in a girl/girl lingerie encounter, although it may not evoke the desired response from everyone. Then, the radiant Zdenka steals the spotlight with her extensive solo performance. From a mirror reflection to a seductive bed scene and a staircase rendezvous, Zdenka's allure remains unmatched. Her tantalizing presence, risque shots, and captivating close-ups make her segment a true delight. Through the aid of a translator, Zdenka's words enchant listeners, completing her captivating performance. Finally, Angelica Costello, Pet of June 1999, takes the stage, exuding confidence as she indulges in provocative chair scenes, multiple explicit spreads, and an intimate encounter on a bed. The camera pays homage to her sensuality, ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Tags: seduction, beauty, desires, sensual, provocative, intimacy, alluring, performances, mesmerizing, journey, indulgence, exploration, enchanting
Pet of the Year Play-off Miel Angel

About movie :

Experience the enchanting journey of the captivating 1998 Penthouse Pets as they bare their souls and bodies in a series of tantalizing performances. Directed by the masterful Nicholas Guccione, this film offers an intimate exploration of desire, beauty, and sensual expression, leaving viewers yearning for more.

IMDB Rating : 7,5/10 | Votes : 13

Other alternative titles: Japanese: ペントハウス: 年間ペットオブザイヤープレーオフ1998 (Pentohausu: Nenkan Petto obu za Iyā Purēofu 1998) Korean: 펜트하우스: 올해의 펫 경연 대회 1998 (Penteuhausu: Olhaeui Pet Gyeongyeon Daehoe 1998) German: Penthouse: Haustier des Jahres Play-Off 1998 (Penthouse: Haustier des Jahres Play-Off 1998) Italian: Penthouse: Animali Domestici dell'Anno Play-Off 1998 (Penthouse: Animali Domestici dell'Anno Play-Off 1998) Spanish: Penthouse: Mascota del Año: Competencia 1998 (Penthouse: Mascota del Año: Competencia 1998) French: Penthouse: Animal de l'Année: Compétition 1998 (Penthouse: Animal de l'Année: Compétition 1998) Greek: Penthouse: Κατοικίδιο της Χρονιάς: Παίξτε-Μάχη 1998 (Penthouse: Katoikidio tis Chronias: Paixte-Machi 1998)
Production: Penthouse Productions

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