Playboy: Wet & Wild II
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Playboy: Wet & Wild II (1990)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Get Ready for a Sizzling Soaked Sensation"
    Dive into a world of enchantment and sensual indulgence as Playboy's alluring playmates embark on a scintillating journey in "Playboy: Wet & Wild II" (1990). Directed by the talented Skott Snider, this all-new series of thrilling escapades takes you from cascading waterfalls to adrenaline-pumping water sports, from crystal-clear pools to exotic tropical island lagoons, as the famous playmates let loose, getting 'wet and wild' in a mesmerizing display of beauty and seduction. Join these captivating sirens as they explore the depths of aquatic delight, teasing and tantalizing with every splash and ripple. Amidst stunning landscapes, each scene becomes a provocative display of sensuality, as the playmates embrace their allure and reveal their most intimate desires. With an enticing mix of excitement and seduction, "Playboy: Wet & Wild II" leaves nothing to the imagination. As the water glistens against their sun-kissed skin, the allure of these playmates reaches its peak, captivating your senses and inviting you to an erotic world of aquatic pleasure. Bask in the sultry moments as these women shed their inhibitions, indulging in uninhibited freedom, and baring their souls in sensual nude scenes that celebrate the beauty of the female form. Journey through a cinematic experience that celebrates the essence of desire, passion, and the uninhibited pursuit of pleasure. As the waves crash and the sun sets, witness a symphony of eroticism unfold, leaving you spellbound and yearning for more. "Playboy: Wet & Wild II" is a tantalizing feast for the senses, a celebration of sensuality amidst nature's beauty, and an unforgettable exploration of the intimate desires that stir within us all.
  • Tags: adventure, playful, tropical, island, sports, waterfalls, beauty, seduction, carnal pleasure, sensual, alluring
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Playboy: Wet & Wild II

About movie :

Experience an enticing series of aquatic escapades as Playboy's famous playmates embark on thrilling and seductive adventures in "Playboy: Wet & Wild II" (1990). From cascading waterfalls to tropical island lagoons, this scintillating film, directed by Skott Snider, entices with provocative nude scenes and alluring displays of beauty amidst crystal-clear pools and water-sport excitement.

IMDB Rating : 7,3/10 | Votes : 46

Other alternative titles: Japanese: プレイボーイ:ウェット&ワイルド II(1990) Korean: 플레이보이: 젖은 & 야생 II (1990) German: Playboy: Nass & Wild II (1990) Italian: Playboy: Bagnato e Selvaggio II (1990) Spanish: Playboy: Mojado y Salvaje II (1990) French: Playboy : Mouillées et Sauvages II (1990) Greek: Playboy: Βρεγμένο & Άγριο II (1990)
Production: Playboy Entertainment Group

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