Illicit Lovers
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Illicit Lovers (2000)

"Desire, Deception, and the Price of Passion."
    In "Illicit Lovers," a captivating drama from the visionary director Jay Madison and talented writer Alison Andersson, the complexities of human relationships are explored in an unflinchingly raw and provocative manner. The story centers around Jeff Diamond, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he faces an abrupt layoff from his job, leaving him in a state of uncertainty and financial strain. In his time of need, Jeff's wife, Susan, finds support in her best friend Kathy, who extends a peculiar offer that will set off a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. Kathy proposes to pay Jeff as an escort to accompany her to a party, seemingly innocent at first. However, the lines between companionship and desire blur as Kathy becomes enamored with Jeff's company, leading her to request his services again, but this time at a higher price – a price that includes intimacy. The taboo nature of this proposition places Susan at a crossroads, torn between financial security and the implications of her husband engaging in this illicit arrangement. As Jeff struggles to find new employment opportunities, Susan finds herself grappling with an unconventional solution to bridge the gap left by the loss of their primary income. With a heavy heart, she decides to continue booking escort appointments for Jeff, turning him into a means of financial sustenance for their family. What ensues is a complex web of emotions, secret liaisons, and moral dilemmas. The film delves into the fragility of love, trust, and the boundaries we're willing to cross when pushed to our limits. As Jeff becomes entangled in a world he never imagined, Susan must confront her own feelings of jealousy, betrayal, and empowerment, leading her to question her definition of love and loyalty. "Illicit Lovers" takes viewers on a gripping journey that pushes the boundaries of conventional relationships, exposing the raw realities of desire, desperation, and the human spirit's resilience. Jay Madison's masterful direction breathes life into every scene, skillfully capturing the emotional depth of the characters, while Alison Andersson's poignant script challenges societal norms and sparks contemplation on the complexities of human connections.
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Illicit Lovers

About movie :

In this thought-provoking drama directed by Jay Madison and written by Alison Andersson, "Illicit Lovers" (2000) explores the intricate dynamics of relationships when Jeff Diamond unexpectedly loses his job, prompting his wife Susan to seek an unconventional way to make ends meet. As Susan's best friend, Kathy, offers to pay Jeff to be her escort to a party, their lives take a tumultuous turn when feelings of desire and financial desperation collide, blurring the lines between love, loyalty, and the boundaries of societal norms.

IMDB Rating : 3,7/10 | Votes : 293

Other alternative titles: Japanese: 違法な恋人たち Korean: 불법적인 연인들 German: Verbotene Liebhaber Italian: Amanti Illeciti Spanish: Amantes Ilícitos French: Amours Illicites Greek: Παράνομοι Εραστές
Production: MRG Entertainment, China Vídeo, Industrial Entertainment, Big Time Dailies, Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Cinema Vehicles, Eucalyptus Post, General Insurance Consultants

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