Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2
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Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2 (1996)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Unveiling the allure of the amateur."
    Get ready to unlock the secrets hidden behind closed doors in "Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2" (1996), the sizzling follow-up to one of Penthouse's most popular videos. Directed by a diverse group of husbands, boyfriends, and lovers, this tantalizing collection features captivating beauties from the sunny streets of Los Angeles to the romantic city of Prague. From experienced vixens to newcomers exploring the world of erotica, these amateur video centerfolds bare it all, inviting viewers to peek into their most intimate moments. The allure of the unknown takes center stage as these alluring women shed their inhibitions, revealing their most sensual and seductive selves. Each scene captivates with its raw passion and genuine appeal, as the camera captures the genuine passion shared between these amateur stars. "Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2" promises an exploration of desire, sensuality, and the beauty of unrestrained intimacy. Venture beyond the ordinary and into the realm of tantalizing revelations, where the boundaries of passion are pushed, and the allure of the amateur takes center stage.
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Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2

About movie :

In this steamy installment, "Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2" (1996) unveils the hidden desires of captivating amateurs, filmed by their partners from Los Angeles to Prague, in a collection of tantalizing and revealing moments.

Other alternative titles: Japanese: ペントハウス:最もセクシーなアマチュアビデオセンターフォールド2 (1996) Korean: 펜트하우스 : 섹시한 아마추어 비디오 센터 폴드 2 (1996) German: Penthouse: Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds 2 (1996) Italian: Penthouse: Le Ragazze più Sexy dei Video Amatoriali 2 (1996) Spanish: Penthouse: Las Amateurs Más Sexys en Video 2 (1996) French: Penthouse : Les Plus Sexy des Vidéos Amateurs 2 (1996) Greek: Πεντχάουζ: Τα πιο σέξι αματέρ βίντεο του κέντρου 2 (1996)
Production: Penthouse Video

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