Sexual Revenge
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Sexual Revenge (2004)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Desire, betrayal, revenge – a tangled web of passion unfolds."
    In "Sexual Revenge" (2004), Mia, the charismatic host of a leading talk show on sex, seems to have it all – beauty, success, and happiness. However, her world comes crashing down when she discovers her boyfriend, Tate, in the arms of another woman, leaving her shattered by the betrayal. Seeking solace and guidance, Mia turns to her talk show as a platform to confront her personal turmoil. In a bold move, she opens up to her audience, sharing her heartache and confusion. As viewers share their own stories of infidelity, Mia finds herself entangled in a web of sensual and thrilling tales, each mirroring her own struggle. As the narratives unfold, Mia faces a crucial decision – should she forgive Tate and rebuild their sex relationship, or embrace her newfound freedom and walk away from the pain? "Sexual Revenge" delves into the complexities of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. Under the skillful direction of Rex Ryder and the creative pens of Edward Gorsuch and April White, the film takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster of passion, desire, and revenge.
  • Tags: sexual, revenge, betrayal, passion, desires, self-discovery, emotional, sensual, success, happiness
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Sexual Revenge

About movie :

In this gripping drama, the charming host of a talk show on sex is faced with betrayal and heartache when her boyfriend's infidelity comes to light. As she shares her turmoil with the audience, a series of thrilling stories of infidelity emerges, leaving her torn between forgiveness and revenge.

IMDB Rating : 4,6/10 | Votes : 18

Other alternative titles: Japanese: セクシュアルリベンジ (2004) Korean: 성적 복수 (2004) German: Sexuelle Rache (2004) Italian: Vendetta Sessuale (2004) Spanish: Venganza Sexual (2004) French: Revanche Sexuelle (2004) Greek: Σεξουαλική Εκδίκηση (2004)
Production: MRG Entertainment, Mainline Releasing, Showtime Networks, Creative Image Management, The Sound Shop

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