The Witches of Sappho Salon
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The Witches of Sappho Salon (2003)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Where Seduction Meets Sorcery."
    Venture into the mystical world of "The Witches of Sappho Salon," where ancient rituals, dark secrets, and seductive enchantments converge to weave a spellbinding tale. The movie delves into a haunting past, unveiling a chilling sacrifice orchestrated by the powerful witch, Tanith, portrayed with enigmatic allure by the talented Brigitte Eyes. The witches, led by the mysterious Elina Bellbrook, alongside a male witch, are bound by an ominous decree – to offer a virgin sacrifice every thirty years, one born on a specific date and time. Fast forward to the present day, where modernity collides with age-old traditions. Finding a true virgin seems impossible until the entrancing Janet Fontaine, portrayed by the mesmerizing Elizabeth Grace, stumbles into the enigmatic Sappho Salon. With her blonde beauty and innocence, Janet unwittingly becomes the prime candidate for the witches' dark rituals. However, Janet is not alone in her journey. Her devoted boyfriend, fiercely protective and deeply frustrated by her virginity, sets out to unravel the mysteries that shroud the salon. As time ticks away, he races against seduction, manipulation, and the alluring magic of the witches, seeking to save Janet from a haunting fate. The movie weaves a gripping narrative that intertwines passion, sacrifice, and the struggle for survival. Tony Marsiglia's visionary direction crafts a world where sensuality and danger dance on a knife's edge. Bruce G. Hallenbeck and Rosa I. Hallenbeck's screenplay explores the human psyche's depths, blurring the lines between good and evil, desire and danger. In "The Witches of Sappho Salon," expect a captivating cinematic experience, where the supernatural collides with the ordinary, and where love and loyalty will be tested like never before.
  • Tags: mystical, witches, gothic, mystery, danger, love, loyalty, enchanting, survival, passion, suspense, struggles, intrigues, sensual
The Witches of Sappho Salon

About movie :

In a captivating blend of mystique and modernity, "The Witches of Sappho Salon" unveils a tale of ancient rituals and dark secrets. As the coven of witches, led by the enigmatic Tanith, played by Brigitte Eyes, seeks a virgin sacrifice every thirty years, they chance upon the stunning blonde, Janet Fontaine, portrayed by Elizabeth Grace. Janet's innocence becomes the witches' prime target, but her devoted boyfriend is determined to save her from their clutches. Amidst seduction and danger, the movie paints a mesmerizing canvas of passion, sacrifice, and the struggle for survival. The enthralling narrative, directed by Tony Marsiglia, blurs the lines between desire and danger, unraveling mysteries that transcend time.

IMDB Rating : 3,5/10 | Votes : 54

Other alternative titles: Japanese: サッフォサロンの魔女たち (2003) Korean: 사포 살롱의 마녀들 (2003) German: Die Hexen des Sappho Salons (2003) Italian: Le Streghe del Sappho Salon (2003) Spanish: Las Brujas del Salón Sappho (2003) French: Les Sorcières du Salon Sappho (2003) Greek: Οι Μάγισσες του Σαλονιού της Σάπφου (2003)
Production: Seduction Cinema

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