The Underground Banker
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The Underground Banker (1994)

"Debt has its price, and some debts demand everything"
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    Delves into the harrowing tale of a family torn apart by the perilous dealings of a loan shark. As the pressure mounts and violence looms, they must fight to survive the treacherous underworld of illicit finance.
  • Tags: family relations, violence, struggles, survival, betrayal
The Underground Banker

About movie :

In the gripping drama "The Underground Banker" (1994), a man's world shatters when his wife falls prey to a loan shark's deceptive trap. As the insidious grip of debt tightens, the family descends into turmoil, facing threats and violence from the ruthless lender. With lives hanging in the balance, the desperate struggle to break free from the clutches of the underground world of illicit finance unfolds, exposing the devastating consequences of one fateful decision.

IMDB Rating : 6.2/10 | Votes : 281

Other alternative titles: Physical Weapon; 香港奇案之吸血貴利王; Xiang Gang Qi an: Xi Xue Gui Li Wang; Xi xue gui li wang; Préstamo sangriento
Production: Win's Film Productions; Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd.

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