Booby Trap
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Booby Trap (1970)

"A Madman with the Power to Blow a City to Hell...Can they find him before thousands die?"
    A crazed military explosives expert heads for Los Angeles with an RV full of explosives, intending to blow up a rock festival and kill all the "hippies". An army officer is sent to stop him.
  • Tags: striptease, nightclub, topless, sexual, smoking, crime, action
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Booby Trap

About movie :

The second feature on the DVD is a film called "The Takers". Just a warning about "The Takers". It's an early 70s Porn movie. Although "Booby Trap" has a lot of problems, and it does have nudity and sexual situations, it's not porn. By viewing the trailer for "Booby Trap" I was expecting an action movie with an excess of blood, guts, and nudity. It turned out to be very mild and much tamer than I imagined. This movie starts off with an ex marine gone bad wanting to kill hippies. The movie may have been all right if they stuck to that plot. Unfortunately, the film quickly goes off into several confusing sub plots. Along with this, we meet a strange assortment of under examined characters.

IMDB Rating : 4.2/10 | Votes : 118

Other alternative titles: Man's Secret Affairs; 10 Seconds to Murder; Love Explosions; Young and Wild
Production: Boxoffice International Pictures; Danton Films; Filmways Australasian Distributors; CIC Video; CNH Video; Something Weird Video; Video Releasing Organization

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