Wild Malibu Weekend!
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Erotic movie with Busty, Outdoor sex scenes | SD

Wild Malibu Weekend! (1992)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "The wildest beach party ever is about to begin!"
Wild Malibu Weekend!

About movie :

This movie is essentially about a television game show called "Bikini Showdown" which offers a prize of $10,000 and the guarantee of a role in a movie to whichever beauty contestant can win an assortment of games intended to exhibit as much female flesh as possible while at the same time providing some comic relief in the process. Needless to say, beauty pageant winners from all around flock to Los Angeles to participate. Naturally, each of them has personal reasons for attending--with one particular contestant named "Kelly Johnson" (Kathy Pasmore) garnering the most sympathy from her fellow competitors. But in any case, the show must go on and each of them compete to their fullest. Now since this movie incorporates so much of the game show, by extension it inherits both the good and the bad attributes from it as well. That said, what this movie essentially offers is several sexy actresses wearing next to nothing with Barbara Ann Moore (as "Mary Johnson"), Anastasia Rova ("Susan Mikka") and Karli Allen ("Gina Roberts") being the most attractive in my opinion. So far so good. On the flip side, however, the so-called "comic relief" was extremely lacking and that greatly affected the movie in general.

IMDB Rating : 3.9/10 | Votes : 87

Other alternative titles: Guerra dos Biquínis
Production: Bikini Showdown Film Partners

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