Moon and Thunder
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Moon and Thunder (2017)

    When Yasuko (Eriko Hatsune) was a child, her mother left their home. She grew up not knowing what an ordinary family is. Satoshi's (Kengo Kora) mother was the girlfriend of Yasuko's late father. One day, Satoshi appears in front of Yasuko. Since that moment, Yasuko's monotonous life begins to change.
  • Tags: novel, taboo, relationships, sensual
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Moon and Thunder

About movie :

As a child Yasuko lived in a house without a mother. She was abandoned and never had that certain thing that growing up with a mother gives one. Satoshi's mother dated Yasuko's late father. Satoshi visits Yasuko and has a tale to tell. Yasuko's life is going to be different from that day forward.

IMDB Rating : 7.3/10 | Votes : 43

Other alternative titles: Tsuki to kaminari
Production: Suurkiitos

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