Sex and Black Magic
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Erotic movie with Fetish (BDSM), Interracial, Lesbians, Outdoor sex scenes | SD

Sex and Black Magic (1980)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Unleash your desires. Embrace the darkness."
    Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue, desire, and the supernatural with "Sex and Black Magic" (1980). Set against a backdrop of mystery and seduction, this captivating film explores the forbidden realms of lust and the occult. In a remote mansion shrouded in darkness, a coven of enchanting witches unveils a hidden world where pleasure and sorcery intertwine. As the line between passion and power blurs, unsuspecting victims become entangled in a web of temptation and erotic rituals. "Sex and Black Magic" delves into the depths of human desire, exploring the tantalizing allure of the forbidden. It weaves together elements of sensuality, mystery, and the supernatural, creating a mesmerizing tale that challenges societal norms and pushes the boundaries of pleasure. With its atmospheric cinematography, evocative soundtrack, and a cast of captivating performers, this film casts a spell on its audience, drawing them into a realm where secrets and desires converge. Prepare to be enchanted by the intertwining forces of sex and sorcery as this mesmerizing tale unfolds.
  • Tags: jungle, seduction, occultism, desires, forbidden, mystical, carnal pleasure, supernatural, temptation, rituals, breaking boundaries, secrets, enchanting, passion, witches, island
Sex and Black Magic

About movie :

Embark on a tantalizing journey into a world of intrigue and seduction as a group of mesmerizing witches explores the boundaries of pleasure and the occult. Set in a secluded mansion veiled in mystery, this film delves into the alluring realms of desire and dark magic. As forbidden rituals unfold, unsuspecting individuals are lured into a web of temptation, caught between the forces of passion and supernatural forces. This captivating story intertwines themes of secrecy, sensuality, and the forbidden, captivating audiences with its spellbinding narrative. With its atmospheric setting, bewitching performances, and a touch of the supernatural, this film invites viewers to indulge in the intoxicating allure of the unknown. Prepare to be enchanted as "Sex and Black Magic" reveals a world where pleasure and sorcery merge, challenging conventions and igniting the imagination.

IMDB Rating : 2,9/10 | Votes : 10

Other alternative titles: Japanese: セックスと黒魔術 Korean: 섹스와 흑마법 Chinese: 性与黑魔法 Thai: เพศและเวทมนตร์สีดำ Hindi: सेक्स और काला जादू German: Sex und schwarze Magie Swedish: Sex och svart magi Norwegian: Sex og svart magi Finnish: Seksi ja musta magia Dutch: Seks en zwarte magie Polish: Seks i czarna magia Czech: Sex a černá magie Hungarian: Szex és fekete mágia Italian: Sesso e magia nera Spanish: Sexo y magia negra Portuguese: Sexo e magia negra French: Sexe et magie noire Greek: Σεξ και μαύρη μαγεία Arabic: الجنس والسحر الأسود Romanian: Sex și magie neagră Turkish: Seks ve siyah büyü
Production: Santo Domingo Universal

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