Intergalactic Swingers
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Erotic Comedy movie with All sex, Group sex scenes | SD

Intergalactic Swingers (2013)

+18 ONLY XXX CONTENT "Unleash your desires in the vastness of space."
    In the distant reaches of the cosmos, where worlds collide and boundaries dissolve, "Intergalactic Swingers" (2013) takes us on a thrilling journey of cosmic sensuality and interstellar romance. Set against a backdrop of mesmerizing galaxies and celestial wonders, this sci-fi erotic adventure transports viewers to a realm where desire knows no bounds. Amidst the stars, a group of daring explorers embarks on a voyage of self-discovery and uninhibited pleasure. Led by the enigmatic Captain and his alluring partner, they traverse the cosmos, seeking new frontiers of pleasure and connection. Their ship, a luxurious sanctuary of desire, becomes a playground for intimate encounters and transcendent experiences. As the crew encounters exotic alien species and traverses uncharted planets, they discover that pleasure has no language or borders. From hedonistic dance parties on pulsating moons to intimate encounters in zero gravity, every moment is a tantalizing exploration of the senses. But danger lurks in the depths of space, threatening to unravel the delicate balance between pleasure and peril. As tensions rise and passions ignite, the crew must navigate treacherous cosmic terrain while indulging in the intoxicating allure of their newfound desires. "Intergalactic Swingers" (2013) is a visually stunning and unabashedly provocative film that challenges societal norms and celebrates the infinite possibilities of pleasure. With its mesmerizing blend of science fiction and eroticism, it ignites the imagination and invites viewers to explore the boundaries of their own desires.
  • Tags: futuristic, galactic, swingers, romantic, desires, exploration, sci-fi, carnal pleasure, passion, cosmic, adventure
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Intergalactic Swingers

About movie :

Prepare to embark on a seductive journey beyond the stars in this tantalizing film that delves into the cosmic realm of desire, passion, and uninhibited exploration. Set against the backdrop of an intergalactic adventure, this captivating movie captures the essence of boundless pleasure and the exhilarating allure of the unknown.

IMDB Rating : 2,8/10 | Votes : 6

Production: Retromedia Entertainment

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